Jorge Campos, the Mexican Maverick

Jorge Campos, the Mexican Maverick

Jorge Campos


Jorge Campos, with a Confederations Cup and two Copa Americas to his name with his native Mexico could easily have cemented his status as an icon in his own nation, but the maverick stopper is known for significantly more than his capability between the sticks. At 5’8 Campos was no giant in his goalmouth, but his bizarre patterned shirts, which he designed himself, made him one of the most esteemed ‘keepers of the 1990’s.

He could often be seen jaunting in and out of his own box, sporting inexplicable and unnameable designs, as well as the classic polka dots, in luminous yellow, pink, green, in fact any ridiculous colour combination you could fathom to think of.

Jorge Campos Mexico

Campos actually played as a striker professionally for Pumas in the Mexican top flight, explaining his tendency to saunter further up the pitch and bring the ball out in such a manner that would put  Manuel Neuer and Ederson to shame. FIFA were in fact so concerned about the possibility of Campos being deployed as a striker that they banned goalkeepers from playing outfield ahead of the 1998 World Cup, as if the nonconformist could have broken many more goalkeeping barometers than he already had.

Probably the most famous Mexican footballer of all time, despite never plying his trade outside of his native land.

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