This Is Sparta - Poseidon X

This Is Sparta - Poseidon X

There is a story behind each of Sparta gloves and the inspirations of their designs represent key characteristics of the giants of Greek mythology.

However, whilst most of our designs require a bit of research into the story to understand the imagery, our new Poseidon X glove quite literally paints a picture of its namesake and the God of Sea.

Part of our launch of new products and a new era for Sparta, the Poseidon X, is the first to offer two different models of fit and design.

The contrast to the original Poseidon glove design from our earlier catalogue, they still embody the powers one of the most prominent figures of Ancient Greece.

One of the more vengeful among the gods and a bit of a womaniser, Poseidon and his almost human emotive drives could make or break a war effort as military vessels crossed the Aegean Sea.

The image of Poseidon’s impact of sea-bound conquests is emblasend on the glove, as he rides a two-headed seahorse on a turbulent sea, represented by a beautifully contrasting image in yellow and black.

Sparta prides itself in the gloves telling a story of the awe-inspiring gods of Greek mythology and the Poseidon X is a bold portrayal of this. The moving of the trademark Sparta helmet to the fingers of the gloves to make way for this type of unique imagery, is an exciting pace change and testament to the broad church our product range has become in the past year.

Our new Posiedon X is available in two fits. The Negative cut with the appropriate black palm, is a tighter fit which makes for closer contact with the ball. The Hybrid and all white number offers a mix of tighter and rolled fingers to ensure great catching stability, whilst not sacrificing the snugness of the glove.

Both styles offer the security of Posedion having your back across choppy waters, or a skiddy surface with a fit that will give you more control over your grip.

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