This Is Sparta - The Hyperion

This Is Sparta - The Hyperion

The Pillar of the East, or Hyperion, was the Titan God of Light , which befittingly mirrors the bold and luminous yellow of the Sparta Hyperion glove.

Hyperion, part of the ruthless Titan brotherhood who overthrew their own father and God the Sky Uranus, and castrated him with a sickle carved by their own mother, after he descended to earth to lay with the goddess, Gaia.

Hyperion was slightly more compassionate to the mortals beneath him than he was to his own father and is said to given man the gift of sight as his name means ‘he who watches from above’.

Sparta Hyperion

His wife, the Titaness Theia (who also happened to be his sister) was the Goddess of Sigh, and together they were the parents of Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos (the Dawn), providing the earth with all its natural light.

The glove of his namesake may not give you 20/20 vision, but the Hyperion bold by its nature will give your defenders the peace of mind of your formidable presence behind them and same security of having a guardian watching over them.

However, a quality you would not want to inherit from the god himself is defeat in the major battles. Having led the Titan war following the upheaval of his own father, he was eventually defeated by Poseidon and subsequently banished by Zeus.

Do not fear though, as these gloves do not share all the same qualities as the Titan Hyperion and you will be more than equipped to claim that 50/50 between you and the opposition’s battering ram striker.

Sparta Hyperion backhand

The striking luminous yellow with a splattering of the Sparta logo make this a standout in the collection and be as discernible as the light that the God of its namesake provided.

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Sparta Hyperion 3.0


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