This is Sparta - The Taugetus

This is Sparta - The Taugetus

Unlike many of our gloves, the origin and magnificence of Mount Taugetus is still very much tangible in the present day.

The Taugetus is a mountain range that sits in one of the most southernly points of Greece edging the Mediterranean Sea, with the highest mountain and inspiration for the all-white Taugetus glove. It is the oldest recorded mountain name, having featured in a poem about the Greek hero Odysseus, believed to be written at the end of the 8thcentury BC.

Taugetus mountain is as infamous in its lineage and is a place associated with glory and great shame in equal measures, but its notoriety makes it one of the most revered places in Ancient Greek folklore.

The peak of the mountain known as Taleton, was dedicated to Helios (God of the Sun) and then later to Zeus.

The all-white design of the namesake glove is shown to resemble the snow-dusted peak of the mountain and such is the stature of Taugetus, you will stand tall and be seen as a beacon for your defence.

The mountain was seen as a natural defence in Spartan war and the glove provides you with a double foam layer to the back of the hand with its unique 3D design, equipping you with the protection to command a mountainous stature.

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Sparta Taugetus


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