Dare you take on the Sparta Agoge...

Dare you take on the Sparta Agoge...

Following the release of our new Sparta GK Session Planner, which supports preparation specifically around goalkeeping drills, we look at our Agoge glove range, which comparably abled Spartan warriors for the battlefield with their much maligned neighbouring cities .

Like the brand new planner is for the inexperienced and experienced ‘keeper alike, the Agoge was the only and mandatory training program for all male spartan citizens to ready themselves for battle. Only firstborn son in ruling houses were exempt from the brutality and rigour of Agoge.


Sparta Agoge


Believed to be coined in 7thand 6thcenturies BC, Lycurgus, the lawgiver of Sparta and son of the King of Sparta, introduced the state ‘schooling’ of war. In an age where the honour of the state was paramount over any personal interest, the involuntary soldiers would stand as the ‘Wall of Sparta’, often clashing with their sworn enemies of Athens.

Sparta built up their reputation as a warrior city in the centuries proceeding Lycurgus’ mandate and the unforgiving Agoge, which encouraged in-fighting despite its disciplinarian mantra, saw Sparta become the most powerful city in Ancient Greece, defeating the democratic city of Athens on more than one occasion despite its bigger population. Athens, who were obsessed with imperialism were unable to ever conquer the mountainous city of Sparta.

Sparta Agoge Dusk

We hope that you’re goalkeeping coach will be slightly more merciful in their training regime than Spartan royalty, irrespective of their new Goalkeeping Planner, but embodying the spirit of its namesake the Agoge glove will ensure that you are ready for battle when called upon.

With an off-white design and splattered with the repetition of the Spartan helmet, essence of war is captured as you go into combat with opposing attackers.

The Sparta Agoge and Sparta Agoge Dusk are available for you to add to the armoury today...



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