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Glove Guide

New to the goalkeeping world or an old-hand?

No matter where you are in your career we have different types of cuts to suit your needs, all easily explained below and with handy links to the armoury so you can find the ideal glove for you



One of the most popular glove cuts on the market, the Roll Finger Cut provides a comfortable feel and great latex contact with the ball. The names derives from the fact the palm is connected to the backhand, ‘rolled’ around the fingers without gussets. This provides a larger surface for the ball to contact.

Roll Finger's in the range;

Hyperion 3.0    Laconia   



With an ever-growing fan base the Negative Cut glove has a snug fit around the fingers with the stitching / gussets inside of the gloves. With a single piece of latex attached to the backhand via gussets, This allows a ‘truer’ feel of the ball to your hand.

Negative Cuts in the range;

Medusa Blackout   Medusa Volcano   Poseidon  Taugetus   Poseidon Thunder



Instantly recognisable throughout the world, the Flat Palm cut first appeared when goalkeeper gloves hit the market. The gloves literally have a flat palm and are attached to the backhand with gussets between the fingers and palm. Stitching is on the outside opposed to the inside on Negative gloves.

Flat Palm in the range;

Sparta Agoge   Sparta Agoge Dusk 



The term “hybrid” simply means a combination and can vary depending on model as does not refer to a specific cut. They normally have a distinctive twist on the normal cut; some fingers may have one design opposed to the others such as a combination of Roll Finger on the thumb and remaining fingers a Negative cut.

Hybrid Cut in the range;

Areus 2.0



For extra protection spines are added too the back of the fingers on our Finger-save gloves. It's down to personal preference so we've made them easily removable too.

Finger-save in the range;