This is Sparta - The Areus 2.0

This is Sparta - The Areus 2.0

One of the first kings of Ancient Greece and perhaps the most pioneering, Areus witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring victories in Spartan mythology.

The ruler of Sparta from 309 to 265 BC is the inspiration behind the Areus glove, the grey patterned design on off-white pays homage to the silver coin he issued, and also the name of a currency used by the Romans.

Leader of several territorial invasions and land defences, notably defeating King Pyrrhus of Epirus when he attempted to attack Sparta, Areus gloves will equip you for your on-field battles on both home and away soil.

With a hybrid cut, the middle two fingers are negative and the rest are roll, equipping you for difficult conditions. The unique flexibility of the glove gives you a solid grip and handle on balls zipping across a slippery surface, ensuring you are ready for battle in the most tasking arenas.


Being ready for war does not necessarily mean that your kit won’t dazzle. The white, dark grey and black colour scheme is aesthetically pleasing and bold in equal measure, adding the shine to your armour.

Areus I (and Areus II for that matter) met his maker in battle, with his unfortunate sealed in the Chremonidean War at the age of 36. Despite this, Areus was seen as a formidable leader in war and when a war is 11 v 11, the gloves of his namesake are no more appropriate to make the difference.

Secure your pair of the Sparta Areus 2.0 from the armoury today, available from Size 8 to 11.

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