This Is Sparta - The Dioscuri

This Is Sparta - The Dioscuri

Dioscuri was the collective title for the twins of Castor & Pollux in Greek mythology and aptly the inspiration behind the newest pair of gloves to Sparta’s growing collection, the Dioscuri.

The twins were born by Spartan Queen, Leda, but typical of the melodrama prominent in Greek mythology were the offspring of two different fathers.

 Castor was the son of Tyandreas, King of Sparta and Pollux the divine child of the almighty Zeus, but the two represented the importance of brotherhood in Greek mythology, despite their paternal disparities.

Pollux being the son of Zeus was naturally immortal, but opted to share this with his twin brother as he lay dying and the two were both canonised in Ancient Greek legacy in the form of stars in the Gemini constellation. They are predominantly referred to as Dioscuri as oppose to their individual names, such was the closeness of their relationship.

The brothers sharing this immortality kept them together for eternity and is the influence for a unique take for our namesake glove, sporting a double-headed logo of the Corinthian helmet back-to-back.

Such was the benefit reaped by Castor through his own brother’s compassion, you can reap the benefit of a glove that will also never let you down when it matters.

Ideal in arduous conditions, the Dioscuri with Contact Latex will remain effective on the skiddy surfaces and those boggy Sunday league pitches, giving you the grip to be able to command your area with the same confidence all year round.

As the two brothers’ stars light up the night-sky, the gold chevron design on the black base produce a beautiful contrast and will dazzle like their namesake in the Gemini constellation.

The Dioscuri glove mirrors the protagonists who are amongst the more noble figures of Ancient Greece and acts as an appropriate visual and practical representation of the twin’s character and their immortalisation as stars.

Bold, reliable and mesmerising, head to the armoury right now to secure a pair of your own...

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