This Is Sparta - The Hippeis

This Is Sparta - The Hippeis

The term Hippeis was coined as a collective for cavalry men in Ancient Greece, associated mainly with the king’s guard of honour and the heavily-armed horseback soldiers in Spartan battles.

Hippeis was a social class in itself and generally made up of members of high society who could afford to acquire and maintain a trusty battle horse, not too mention the heavy-duty equipment.

Such was the strength of their metal armour, the soldiers did not take shields into battle and utilised their scope of the battle from their view on horseback with spears used like a javelin through the hearts of their foes.

The men of the Hippeis where revered in Spartan mythology and were seen as second to only royals in the social hierarchy. A sizeable cavalry was perceived as a symbol of power for individual Greek states with the wealth they conveyed.

Our namesake Hippeis glove will evoke the same feeling of grandeur as those heady soldiers and the confidence they had in their reliable armoury.

With a clean white design with modification of the patterns similar that of the garments worn by wealthy men in Ancient Greece, you will be as bold and all encompassing as the unrelenting Hippeis.

The comfort and flexibility of the neoprene glove will allow easier and quicker movement to give you an edge on those long rage efforts heading towards the top corner of the net.

Part of our brand-new range, the Hippeis encapsulates the warrior spirit, most importantly giving you the peace of mind and comfort to perform on the pitch. Whilst the stylish design may mirror the patterns of the garments adorned by the esteemed social classes they were part of, the Hippeis glove is a bit more clean-cut than your rugged Spartan soldier.

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