This Is Sparta - The Leon

This Is Sparta - The Leon

Whilst most of our gloves are inspired by mythical gods of Ancient Greece and Olympia, there is still a lot to be said about the spirit of heart of those who tried to take on their superior beings, a confidence in oneself and a fire in the belly that makes the impossible seem the contrary.

This part of Greek mythology previously untouched by Sparta Spotlight, will explore the Leon 2.0, named after one of the giants (in stature and heart) of Greece.

With a slick black and grey camouflage pattern with black spotted on the palms, the gigantes, Leon, is contrary to the design of his namesake glove.

Sparta Leon Palm

The Gigantes were a tribe of a hundred giants born from the beautiful goddess Gaia andwere depicted in passages as either spear-wielding hoplite warriors in armour or primitives clothed in animal-skins.

Leon was in the former category and was one of the fabled giants who tried to take Mount Olympus from the gods. As well as his lion heart, he bared physical resemblance to the animal in head and skin but would stand upright like his brethren.

Colm McAdden Sparta Leon

As the behemoths attempted to conquer their gods in a battle on Mount Olympus, Leon took on the popular and perceived ‘divine’ Heracles but was defeated and killed by one of the most famous gods in Greek mythology.

After maintaining the status quo and dislodging the giant, Heracles wore Leon’s skin as a protective coat. Even posthumously, Leon was formidable.

Although this defeatism isn’t what you’re seeking in a glove, the Leon 2.0 gives you the comfort in its latex palm to improve your reach and the double layer foam which will give you the protection not too dissimilar to the skin of Leon which provided great security.

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Sparta Leon backhand

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