This is Sparta - The Medusa

This is Sparta - The Medusa

In this section we review the origins of our collection, each inspired by the passage or protagonist of Greek mythology which encapsulates the glove of its namesake.  

In this first edition we look at the Medusa glove, a unique black-out design which pays homage to the beautiful-turned deadly priestess and ill-fated lover of Poseidon. 

Medusa was the only mortal of the Gorgon sisters, daughters of sea gods Phorcys and Keto and the standalone beauty in a family of monsters.

Her mesmerising looks however, were not withstanding, as she was then then cursed with the misfortune of repulsiveness surpassing her monstrous siblings, a victim of her own allure.

Sparta Medusa Blackout

After being impregnated by Poseidon in the temple of Athena, she was inflicted with snake hair and a face so grotesque that anyone who caught her gaze turned to stone. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, chose the qualities of the latter to furiously delivered the curse. 

The Medusa glove, with her (post-curse) face imprinted on the inside wrist, incorporates all facets of this tale of Greek mythology. The slick all-black design is very easy on the eye, and much like the aesthetics which lured Poseidon into devilish sins, possesses a unique form.

Like the fatal stare that would induce a statue-esque stage in all its incumbents, these gloves will also freeze oncoming attackers. Black is the colour of the unknown and one of deterrence, so a pair of Medusas are bound to leave strikers with a loss of bearings and in an area once so familiar, the box will suddenly become unbeknown to them.

Sparta Medusa Blackout Wristband

Medusa’s fate was to be ridden of her snake-laden head by one of the heroes of Ancient Greece, Perseus. There is even a bronze statue in Florence depicting Perseus gripping the severed head of the mortal Gorgon.

Hopefully the destiny of your opposition’s attackers is slightly more fortuitous. A couple of easy saves will do….

Currently in the Medusa range we have the Blackout Senior, Blackout Junior, Volcano and Original Negative available

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