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This is Sparta - The Poseidon

Perhaps the most legendary Greek God after Zeus, Poseidon the unforgiving and almighty God of the sea is the inspiration behind our glove that will give you a similar power of command over your goalmouth and penalty area.

A vengeful god, Poseidon was feared by Greeks as the bringer of ferocious seas, earthquakes and storms that would destroy all those in their wake.

Sparta Poseidon

 A superior being, Poseidon’s temperament was his arguable floor and was said to be moody by his very nature, striking his three pronged trident to the ground to cause an earthquake or vicious storm whenever his patience had been tipped.

His masculinity made him an attractive prospect for any female and utilised his appeal to father several children, many of whom a product of his promiscuity. This ‘lad-ish’ behaviour was to the detriment of many women, Medusa famously punished with an infliction of grotesqueness having once flaunted such mesmerising beauty after being caught with the God of Sea in the temple of Athena. Needless to say, Poseidon did not stick around for long.

Sparta Poseidon

Having fallen out with Zeus after aiding Hera in a revolt against him, Poseidon was ordered by the former to serve the King of Troy. Of course this was met with a typically furious response and sent a sea monster to ravage the Trojan coast. Herakles, the son of Zeus, was able to slay the beast in what was part of a sequence of ill-fated events that led to the infamous Trojan War.

The Poseidon glove dons the dark blue and black of the seas and stormy skies that the god delivered to destroy many a ship fleet. Flashes of yellow symbolise the lightning which struck the earth and sea from the fury of Poseidon’s famous trident.

Sailors and soldiers travelling by sea would pray to Poseidon for safe passage, but the flexibility that our namesake glove provides will allow anything but serene movement for oncoming attackers and will make your goalmouth as difficult to breach as those choppy seas.


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