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GK Session Planner - Sparta GK
GK Session Planner - Sparta GK

GK Session Planner

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As the well worn saying goes; fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Preparation is key as a GK Coach which is why we have launched the brand new Sparta GK Session Planner.

A handy A5 size with a laminated cover it's perfect for taking onto the field for your sessions. There's enough space for organising 20 sessions so this will be your go-to companion when it's time to plan, the spiral wire-bound spine allows you to flip to your latest notes with ease.

With 42 pages to jot, write and draw this allows you to plan at your convenience as well as complete post session reflection.

Each session plan area includes three 18 yard boxes alongside space to add the following information on a separate page;

  • Date
  • GK's
  • Topic
  • Objectives
  • Session Notes
  • Post Session Reflection